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Conditions of Hire

Making a Booking

Please read the below Conditions of Hire prior to making a booking. Once you have decided on your dates, you will be required to pay a $250 holding deposit. (Please note if you book and pay online – the system will ask you to pay 50% of the hire, minimum $250). You will then be required to pay the balance of 50% of the hire up to 2 months prior to your booking date (disregard this if booked online) and the remainder balance of your booking one month prior to the pick up date. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Direct Deposit & Cash. A 2.3% surcharge will be added to Visa and MasterCard payments. Sorry no personal cheques. Diners or American Express cards are not accepted. Please refer to Our Hire Rates for further information.

Booking Restrictions

Check List for Pick Up

  • Please make an appointment prior to picking up the trailer. Allow approximately 60-90mins for demonstration and paperwork (90mins for the Traveller, Explorer, Brumby and Overlander models). This process can be sped up if you scan your paperwork and email it to us prior to the pickup day;
  • Photocopys of Drivers Licence & Original Car Registration are required. Originals will need to be sighted. Online RMS Registration print outs are not accepted. Address on license and rego should be the same;
  • A photocopy of your vehicle’s car insurance – not green slip insurance;
  • If your vehicle is in a company name and you are not the company, we will need a letter from your employer to confirm you have authority to use this vehicle while towing our trailer, as well as the vehicles registration and insurance papers;
  • Cleared funds for the applicable security bond which will be processed to your nominated account or credit card;
  • If hiring any of our off road models, please bring your towing tongue with the ball removed. Ball cannot be removed at time of handover. If you own a Treg hitch, bring it with you please;
  • Remember to bring an adaptor if your vehicle does not have a 7 pin flat plug;
  • Please check your vehicle’s output to trailer lights, particularly LED lights, prior to pick up to make sure it is compatible and wired correctly;

About Making Payment

A holding deposit of $250 is payable upon booking. No booking will be confirmed until this payment has cleared. The balance of 50% of the hire is to be paid 2 months prior to your booking date and then the remaining balance will need to be paid no less than 1 month prior to commencement of hire. If payment is not made, the booking will be cancelled, with no refund of the holding deposit. If you are making the booking within 2 months of your booking date, then the appropriate balance will be due at the time of making the booking.

A minimum security BOND of $1000 ($1650 for Traveller and $2000 for Explorer, Brumby and Overlander models) is payable by cash, eftpos or credit card prior to departure. Direct deposit transfers must be made at least 4 days prior to pick up (If the transfer has not reached our bank account by the time you pick up the trailer, we will not release the trailer/equipment for hire). This amount covers insurance costs, excess and minor incidentals that are not covered by insurance. Bond refunds should be returned within 5 working days, unless repair costs cannot be determined due to public holidays, weekends, or unavailability of parts and labour costs. This allows time for Bean Off Road Camping Camper Trailer Hire to conduct a full maintenance check prior to release of funds and deduct any amounts as outlined in our Conditions of Hire. In some circumstances, while obtaining quotes for parts and labour, there may be times when we will need to hold on to your bond longer than the 5 days.

If you are taking out one of our optional packs, then you will be required to pay an additional bond to cover each pack, as follows:

  • Pack 1 – $450
  • Pack 2 – $250
  • Pack 3 – $150
  • Pack 4 – $150
  • Pack 5 – $450
  • Pack 6 – $750
  • Pack 7 – $750
  • Pack 8 – $750
  • Pack 9 – $250
  • Pack 20 – $350
  • Pack 21 – $1000
  • Pack 25 – $750

Should any payment terms be contravened, Bean Off Road Camping Camper Trailer Hire reserves the right to cancel the hire agreement at any given time. In this event, the holding deposit will not be reimbursed.

If the camper trailer is returned earlier than expected, then Bean Off Road Camping Camper Trailer Hire will not refund any amounts.


Bean Off Road Camping Camper Trailer Hire strongly recommends you take out a Domestic Cancellation Travel Insurance Policy to cover you for any unforseen circumstances, like your vehicle breaking down, the destination you have booked being subject to extreme weather conditions, or you or a family member falling ill or having a change in workplace holidays, etc. This insurance may cover you for any monies you have paid to Bean Off Road Camping Camper Trailer Hire if you cancel your booking with us and are not eligible for a refund of monies paid. Please also check your memberships you may have with a union you belong to, or a frequent flyer program, maybe a health fund, etc. as some of these memberships include domestic travel insurance just for being with them. (An enquiry I made for a family of 4 on a two week holiday with basic coverage including cancellation cover of $2000, personal liability of $1.5M, baggage and curtailment cover, would of cost $70).

All cancellation requests take effect from the date we receive your cancellation notice in writing.

If the hirer wishes to cancel their booking 60 days or more from the date of pick up, then the holding deposit of $250 will be refunded within 30 days of the notice being received. A cancellation fee of 1 night booking will be deducted from the $250 paid.

If the hirer wishes to cancel their booking within 60 days of the pickup date, then all monies paid will not be refunded, unless another hirer, hires the same trailer/equipment for the same period or longer. If a refund is due, a fee of 1 nights booking will be deducted from all monies paid. If Bean Off Road Camping Camper Trailer Hire receives no further enquiries for the same trailer/equipment over the same period in which you are cancelling, then the hirer will not be entitled to a refund.

It is the hirers responsibility to know the towing capacity of his or her car, particularly the maximum tow ball weight that the car may tow. If after you have paid your deposit/balance and you find out that your car is not suitable for towing a trailer from Bean Off Road Camping Camper Trailer Hire, then the holding deposit/balance will not be refunded, unless another hirer hires the same trailer for the same period or longer. A cancellation fee of 1 nights booking will be deducted from all monies paid. The towing vehicle must be able to tow a minimum of 85kg on the ball for the off road models and 70kg on the ball for the transcontinental models. Your vehicle must be able to tow a trailer mass of 1000kg for the offroad trailers and 700kg for the transcontinental models and 500kg for the Weekender On Road model.


The Weekender On Road is not for off road use, unless it is a gazetted well maintained track and the tow vehicle is not a 4WD.

Bean Off Road Camping Camper Trailer Hire reserves the right to refuse hire to any persons or vehicles they deem unsuitable, without explanation.

The hirer/driver must be at least 21 years of age at time of commencement of hire period. Should the hirer/driver be below 25, there will be an additional $2000 bond payable on top of the standard bond for that trailer. Please note that as per law, P1 licenced drivers are not permitted to tow our trailers. The hirer/driver must possess a current full/unrestricted driver’s licence issued in Australia ONLY – not a learners or provisional licence. A copy of the hirer/drivers licence, as well as a copy of the towing vehicle’s full comprehensive insurance certificate of currency, will be taken by Bean Off Road Camping Camper Trailer Hire prior to departure. In the event that the vehicle is in the name of a business, then a letter from the owner with full contact details will need to be provided. The hirer/driver must not have been refused Motor Vehicle insurance at any time. The hirer/driver must not have been convicted of any driving offence that involved being under the influence of alcohol and/or illicit drugs.

While Bean Off Road Camping Camper Trailer Hire permits the use of their trailers in off road/4WD situations, we strongly encourage that the hirer DOES NOT travel alone on outback roads and/or any 4WD tracks throughout Australia. It is preferred that the hirer travels with an experienced group, minimum 3 vehicles, such as the many Tag-a-Long tour Companies that operate throughout Australia. Should you be travelling on a road or track that the trailer needs a third party recovery, then this entire cost will be the sole responsibility of the hirer. Bean Off Road Camping Camper Trailer Hire does not permit our trailers to enter in or travel through any region that is being or is expected to be affected by a cyclone. Our trailers are not to be taken through swollen creeks or rivers or flood affected areas. When towing our trailers, the hirer must be aware of up and coming weather conditions prior to travelling through an area or commencing their journey. Any damage resulting from breach of these conditions will have to be paid for in full by the hirer.

Bean Off Road Camping Camper Trailer Hire does not permit its trailers to travel on The Canning Stock Route.

Should a hirer want to travel across, near or around The Simpson Desert, or any other area of Australia that Bean Off Road Camping Camper Trailer Hire considers to be a remote part of this country, a full itinerary must be supplied to Bean Off Road Camping Camper Trailer Hire with expected daily travel distances, route and timings, including the number of vehicles travelling in your party. If Bean Off Road Camping Camper Trailer Hire deems your itinerary and/or route to be too tough on our equipment for, but not restricted to, time, distance and route, we will not permit our trailer(s) to be hired for this trip. A minimum bond of $4000 applies for remote area travel, plus any additional bonds payable for optional packs taken.

Conditions of Hiring the Generator

When hiring a generator, you will be required to pay the additional bond in cleared funds, that is associated with the pack you are hiring. Pack 6, 7 or 8.

It is the hirer’s sole responsibility for the Generator and accessories, once it leaves the premises of Bean Off Road Camping Camper Trailer Hire;

All hirer’s are to check the equipment thoroughly upon commencement of the hire, as any damage, and/or missing parts, and/or faults, will be deemed the hirer’s responsibility and costs will be deducted from the hirer’s credit card;

If the generator is lost or stolen once it leaves the premises of Bean Offroad Camping, full replacement value plus expenses will be deducted form the hirer’s credit card;

Bean Off Road Camping Camper Trailer Hire will not be held responsible for any injury to the hirer or 3rd Party, due to the hire or use of the equipment;

The generator will be supplied full (2.7L) of unleaded petrol and with an empty 5L jerry can. You will get up to 8hrs of operation from a full tank. It is the hirer’s responsibility to fill the jerry can to their requirements. The generator only takes Unleaded Petrol and Not E10 or premium;

If E10 or any other fuel types are used, a repair charge will be deducted from your credit card, as the generator will not operate;

All equipment, the generator, its cover and the jerry can, are to be returned clean and in the same
condition they were hired in;

Please read and understand these conditions thoroughly as there will be no exceptions to these terms and conditions.


It is a requirement of Bean Off Road Camping Camper Trailer Hire that the camper trailer be returned in the same condition upon which it was hired. The hirer is expected to return the camper trailer clean and tidy, washed and/or pressure cleaned, removing mud, dust and stones.

Please DO NOT pressure clean the canvas or any of the annexes. Marks on the canvas are to be wiped off with a cloth and water only. (no cleaning chemicals are to be used on the canvas).

The use of aerosol cans (deodorant/insect repellent) is not permitted inside a Bean Off Road Camping Camper Trailer Hire trailer, as it has been shown to affect the integrity of the canvas.

If there is any extra cleaning required, this will be done at the rate of $95 per hour, minimum, plus cost of cleaning products. Deduction of this amount will be taken from your security bond.

Damage & Liability

If any damage does occur to the camper, or its equipment, then part of, or the entire bond shall be retained at the discretion of Bean Off Road Camping Camper Trailer Hire to cover costs of repair and/or insurance excesses.

Bean Offroad Camping will not be held responsible for any injury to the hirer, the hirer’s family, the hirer’s friend’s or any 3rd Party, during the hire or use of the trailer and/or any of the trailer’s equipment, and/or any extra equipment that is hired, borrowed, and/or used, including while at, but not limited to, the premises of Bean Off Road Camping Camper Trailer Hire. This includes during a handover of the euipment to be hired or when it is returned. This liability extends to the hirers’ vehicle, the hirers’ family vehicle, and/or the hirers’ friends’ vehicle, should any damage happen to that vehicle while moving around Bean Off Road Camping Camper Trailer Hires’ premises and/or, but not limited to hooking the trailer up to the hirers’ vehicle.

When hiring the Traveller, Explorer, Brumby or Overlander camper trailers, it is very important that the on board deep cycle battery is maintained. There is a battery meter attached to the deep cycle battery. The system will be fully charged on the date the hirer is due to commence hire. It is very important that the battery meter never drops out of the amber LED reading (or below 12.0V), as this damages the battery’s on-going performance. The battery can be charged many ways (240V-AC, 12V Anderson Plug, 240V Generator or supplied solar panel), so it is importantant that you have the facility to charge the battery during your trip. If the battery is returned with the meter showing in the red, or the last amber LED lit, or below 11.9V then $110 will be deducted from your bond.

Annexes/awnings and zips are not insurable, and the total responsibility for them is with the hirer. Any damage to the trailer, its annexes or awnings and the zips attached to these, will be subject to the full recommended retail repair cost, as quoted by Cub Campers Australia. Your bond will be held til such time as a full quote can be retained and the cost of this repair will be deducted from your bond payment.

Any damage to the tyres and/or rims of the camper trailer, in excess of what is deemed normal wear and tear, will be at the cost of the hirer and deducted from the bond. Should the tyre(s) puncture, blow or shred, the tyre(s) must be replaced by a similar or the same type of tyre, at a cost to the hirer. If damage sustained is considered within the scope of normal wear and tear, the hirer will be reimbursed for costs upon return of bond. Receipts for repairs must be provided.

Any costs incurred during the trip that the hirer believes Bean Off Road Camping Camper Trailer Hire should reimburse, should be telephoned through to our office for authorisation. A receipt will need to be presented and retained when the camper is returned.

The Camper Trailer is not to be altered or tampered with in any way either internally or externally. Should repairs need to be made during the hirers trip, then authorisation needs to be obtained, so that work that needs to be carried out, is done so be a licenced repairer.

A maximum of 80kg may be stored on top of the trailer when closed up, but must remain on the cross members and not travel on the floor of the camper. It is the hirers responsibility to make sure they allow for any weight transfer on or off the ball weight as a result of placing items on top of the trailer.

The cost of any items from the Camper Trailer either external or internal that is found to be broken, missing, including substituted or lost will be deducted from the bond. This includes the breaking of electrical leads from the trailer to the hirer’s car. It is not just a matter of reconnecting the wires and taping it back up – the lead needs to be rewired so as to maintain the same original length of these wires for future hires.

Any malicious damage that occurs during the hire contract of the Camper Trailer is the full financial responsibility of the hirer plus any fees incurred in the recovery of those costs.

Bean Off Road Camping Camper Trailer Hire takes no responsibility for the hirer’s personal belongings.


In the event of an accident occurring involving the Camper Trailer the hirer is responsible for obtaining the following information necessary for insurance purposes:

  • Name, D.O.B, address, drivers licence details of any other drivers involved.
  • The registration, make, model, and colour of any other vehicles involved.
  • The name and address details of any witnesses present at the time of the incident.

This information is to be reported to the police by the hirer and a incident/event number given to Bean Off Road Camping Camper Trailer Hire as soon as is practicable following the incident. The hirer is responsible for making a report to the police in the event of any accident involving the Camper Trailer, in the event of either the theft of or part there of the Camper Trailer or its contents or equipment or any malicious damage caused to the Camper Trailer.

The hirer must obtain a police incident/event report number for Bean Off Road Camping Camper Trailer Hire insurance purposes.


The hirer is NOT permitted to sub-lease or lend the camper trailer to any other persons. The Camper Trailer always remains the property of Bean Off Road Camping Camper Trailer Hire.

Last Returns

An extra nights hire will be charged, if the trailer is not returned before 4pm on the date booked for return, unless prior arrangement is made 48hrs prior to the return day, with Bean Off Road Camping Camper Trailer Hire. Under no circumstances is the trailer to be returned after dark. The late return fee will be deducted friom the bond in the event that the Camper Trailer is returned late.

Hirers are asked to contact Bean Off Road Camping Camper Trailer Hire if they are delayed on returning the Camper Trailer.

What you Need to Know

No smoking is permitted within the camper and its annex.

No pets are allowed inside the camper.

If you do not want the trailer filled with water, please specify when booking. This will potentially save you up to 80kg of extra travel weight.

If you require any further information, please contact us. We will be pleased to assist.

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